TKM 002-Triger Liquid soap closure Machine

Timing pump valves used in hand-spray liquid products, liquid soap pump valves, and similar screw-on atomizer valved products are automatically and rapidly squeezing the pump caps of the packages used in the uversal designed It's a machine. After attaching the lids to the package from the filling unit, the lid tightening process of the packaging is automatic by fixing the package with the side barrier bands by fastening the lid on the conveyor with the attached packaging. .

The lid diameters to be squeezed in the automatic sealing machine are easily adjusted according to the packaging height and packaging width. Also the filling is adjusted even according to the conveyor height. Because of the feature of the machine is easily adapted to all kinds of automatic and semi-automatic machines and works in sync with the filling machines when requested.

Machine Dimensions: 75cm x 75cm x 200cm
Maximum cover diameter range: 25mm-65mm
Maximum packing width: 20mm-100mm
Maximum packing height: 120mm-300mm
Production capacity: 100 pieces/minute
Engine power: 2 x 0.37 kw
Operating voltage: 380 v AC 50-60 Hz
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