800 OD-Automatic Aerosol filling Machine

The boxes that are fed from the conveyor are taken from the rotary table. Liquid filling respectively, valve closure double gas cylinder with gas filling after the operation is completed by recycling the conveyor. The box does not gas when the valve is not ejected. It’s a very easy machine.

Rotating empty Container Feeder
Rotating Aerosol filling, clamping and gasing unit
Working principle
1. Unit-Rotating empty container feeder:
The unit automatically feeds the aerosol cans to the conveyor, the speed can be adjusted.
2. Unit-Rotating Deodorant filling-clamping-gasing unit
The unit automatically fills the aerosol product into boxes, bends its valves and pumps the gas into the cans. Empty containers are entered into the rotating star system one by one, so that they are automatically filled.
After filling, the user manually places the valves in the pre-filled containers, then the valves curl into the containers. After the tightening process, the gasing begins. 1. At the gas station, the container is half of the vessel, the remainder is 2. Unit. The cause of the two stations is to make the system faster. After the gasification process, aerosol cans move on the conveyor until the end of the line to be taken for boxing.

The machine works only in the following situations:
Adequate air pressure is provided, the conveyor is moving, the container is not empty, the liquid is not filled, the container is not in place, the tightening process does not begin, gassing does not start when the container is not folded, gas is not given
Liquid and gas pumping filling with volumetric and high accuracy. The machine is pneumatic and only electric conveyor motor. Conveyor motor and start-stop switches are exproof. The maintenance and use of the system is easy, simple and safe against flare and explosion.

Pneumatic parts are produced by Werkom (Italian production).
The conveyor is produced by Exprof Motor Isgev (Italian production).
All other parts are made in Turkey.

Liquid Capacity Filling Range: 25 ml – 250ml, 1 name.
Closure Unit: 1 unit
Gas Filling Volume Range: 10 ml – 200 ml, 2 pieces
Filling accuracy: +/-0.3% gram
Control system: Pneumatic, German branded Weirkom
Gas types to be Filled: LPG, Freon outer ether
Capacity: 1,000 – 2,000 ad. /hour
Working pressure: 8 Bar
Air consumption: 1,400 liters/minute
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